We assist all corporate companies in the development of crypto assets for their organisation. (DIGITAL TOKENS)

We supply your business with the following:

  • A crypto asset (Digital Token) in your business name. (To promote your brand or reward your customers)
  • You specify the amount of digital tokens to be created.
  • Minimum 1 000 000.
  • Maximum amount of 100 000 000 000 000.

You will get the following in your business name:

  • Windows Wallet
  • Web based Wallet
  • Linux Wallet
  • Mac PC wallet
  • A wallet that runs from NodeJS
  • BlockExplorer
  • SSL Certificate in your foundation base domain that should correspond to your new digital token name.
  • A full web API (that other software applications can use to interact with your digital token.)

Fees involved:

  • 2% payment in your own digital token once the development is complete. (Based on your amount of tokens) (*This is also negotiable)
  • 5000 zar deposit to start the development.
  • A completion fee based on your company size. Once the full solution get signed off. *this is not applicable on small businesses with less than 5 employees.
  • Digital Token hosting amount of R995 per month.