Sagteware.NET Product Specifications - Crypto Hash Platform:

Sagteware.NET has developed a corporate platform for businesses that wants to sell Hashing power to clients specifically for mining. Example your business have mining rigs and you would like to sell your hashing power to clients.

  • • Issue Crypto Addresses to all clients to make deposits for Hashing Power
  • • Allocate Hashing power to clients
  • • Tools for converting ZAR values to bitcoin
  • • Tools for converting Bitcoin values to South African rand
  • • Tools to validate any address on the blockchain
  • • Tools to monitor any address on the blockchain for funds receive and funds send
  • • Configure Crypto Currencies to mine for clients from control panel

Full Microsoft .NET MVC solution with SQL backend that can be run via the cloud on Sagteware.NET servers or the full solution can be installed at your offices.
Maintenance contract can be created between Sagteware.NET crypto solutions and your organisation for very reasonable price based on your company need and company size.

Free demo can be arranged at your office.